A Workout Tutorial For The Rest Of Us: Lifting Far

Wednesday • December 7th 2022 • 10:22:19 pm

A Workout Tutorial For The Rest Of Us: Lifting Far

Wednesday • December 7th 2022 • 10:22:19 pm

Be careful, lifting something ten times, thrice, may be, probably, is not a real workout.

It may be an urban myth, or something made up by gym owners to get people to… get a move on.

It certainly makes the place look busy, but a real workout, is about communicating new needs to your body.

You need to model your workout after real events, such as when walking or jogging long distances gives you muscles.

You need to multiply that, and apply it to the rest of your body.

The muscles you do have are there, because of certain behaviors.

So you take those, an multiply them.

If you feel that you don’t have any such thing, then look at astronauts.

Or how astronauts rebuild their muscle, after a long stay at the space station.

They don’t lift 300 pounds, they walk long distances.

They don’t do 10 reps of 3 sets, They walk up hills, and maybe even with a back pack.

heavy people are a great example too, part of their size, is their enormous muscle.

All heavy people, are bodybuilders, their weight, is like a weight west.

It is not healthy to be heavy, of course.

But, one of the reasons why I mention this, is motivation, for large people, like me.

They already had their workouts, now they just need cardio…

A diet, while balanced with a lot of everything, one that mostly avoids sugar…

And includes tasty and moist shredded lettuce as a filler, lettuce calories are nothing.

Now, you lift for as long as you can, and you rest for a s little as you can.

Stay up, never sit, sitting at a gym is a sin.

Grab on to the dumbbells that limit your motion, start with 3 or 5 lb per hand.

If you can swing them around, those are too light.

Grab a song you like, and lift to the beat, one beat up, next beat down.

Here dumbbells are like jogging with your arms, do your biceps and try to lift with hands to your side.

But before you stop, try hoisting them above your head.

You may wish to yell, “Hoistu!” while doing so, if you are alone at the gym.

It means I am lifting with great class, in Jhhhapanese.

Lifting above your head, may just be all the rest you need.

Finally, in the future, you want to Shuffle Dance with dumbbells.

To keep your back ready for a workout and problem free, consider wearing a neoprene belt, (they are usually marketed for weight loss).

At first that is the loudest method, for asking your body to adapt.

If working out to beats in a song is too much, consider getting wearable interval timer, or an app.

As you speed up your workout; if you ever run out of songs that have the correct BPM.

Use a computer program like Audacity, or ffmpeg, to speed them up to the beats per minute you need.

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