The Way The World Grows
The Way The World Grows

Wednesday • May 24th 2023 • 11:17:02 pm

The Way The World Grows

Wednesday • May 24th 2023 • 11:17:02 pm

You are the change, only the collective efforts of your generation and those that follow, have the power to converge all cultures on world peace.

It is very important that you understand that the change is not coming, that you have to rise and rise again, until you become a great being.

Giving a stranger who will never compare to inspiring authors, the control over your or your children’s education, is a very dangerous idea.

School must always take second place to secular, profound, fact based, self education.

Where the teachers are Humanity’s most beloved clear thinkers, philosophers, and bringers of positive and powerful ideas.

In the age of narrated books, (and all parents should narrate great books on their own, as a keep sake...)

There is no reason, why Philosophia, the art and love of wisdom, should be kept away from students.

In the age of computers, it makes absolutely no sense, why a child should not be taught how to program them.

Teachers can only present lowest common denominator education, which usually end up being not education at all, but an exercise in memorization – fraud.

Real education demands individualized instruction, it must be self directed, properly paced, and in just the precise sequence.

Programming really reveals, how how ineffective standardized eduction is.

To really learn programming, students must make programs that bring them a sense of accomplishment.

They don’t just learn forward, of more about the language and technology, they must learn upward.

Where they find new challenges, new passions, new joys of accomplishment.

Without that higher calling, the students will not use their brilliance and genius.

They will merely, perform.

Finally, there is no such thing as pursuit of happiness, it is just a fairy tale like like the tens of thousands of religions.

Happiness can only ensure, from pursuits of knowledge, wisdom, and the resulting greatness.

We don’t say we grow forward, to advance our career, and improve feelings, we say we grow up, rise up, and we hold greatness in highest of regards.

No one can take you up, you must accept the responsibility for your own self education.

If you can’t handle it, if there is just no way, that you can listen to a narrated book.

Then you are going to have to clear a way, because you are not meant to live this way.

You are charged with growing all the way up, until you become a great being.

If you don’t know where to start, get a back pack, and start preparing for hiking adventures.

Where you will be granted the peace and time, to listen to all the profound books that have thus been denied to you.

Start with all the books, that are loved by intellectuals.

And then jump to all the books about history of philosophy, and the great ideas that philosophers hoped to share with you.

The one thing that philosophers always agree on, and the reason why they send their works into the future…

Is that you, the educated, and the great, and the great many other like you, are the change, you are the prime movers.