Endurance And Such

Thursday • December 8th 2022 • 11:15:40 pm

Endurance And Such

Thursday • December 8th 2022 • 11:15:40 pm

Dancers would have a very hard time, if they had to memorize all their motions.

Instead, they practice a routine in parts, over and over, and over an over.

Until their body memorizes, all the necessary motions.

When a dancer endures, they memorize their routine.

In fact, Martial Art practice, a kind of dance.

Is all about, memorizing moves with the body.

When sparring, there is no time to strategies.

There is barely any time to respond, with memorized moves…

There is hardly time, to even see the move coming. and many attacks, do go unnoticed.

Martial Arts, it is body memory only.

You can’t stop and think about, what move you are going to choose to block that incoming kick.

You don’t think at all, you teach your body, and then just let it roar.

Being good at aiming firearms, especially when shorting fro the hip, is about practice and body memorization.

Again, there is no time align the sights, when a wild animal is charging you.

You need to have, the muscle memory for it,

There is a scene in Crocodile Dundee, where he consistently hits a soda can with a rock.

People that can do that, are all about muscle memory.

You might have actually experienced, body memorization yourself.

When you discover, that you can somewhat consistently put your door key in the key hole.

That is your body, memorizing motion.

Joggers have an interesting case, when they endure, they can increase the distance they jog very easily.

When they begin speeding up, keeping a specific format to their motion.

They can run longer, and_ faster.

Bodybuilding demands that we increase weights, and duration of exercise, to loudly ask the body to adapt.

Our bodies are not machines, they don’t work on the principle of IF x THEN y.

Our bodies gradually trigger changes, based on a persistent and loud signals.

When bodybuilders endure, they build their bodies.

I think the most common example, and a perfect way to show of the superpower of endurance.

Is, memorizing poems, you don’t remember the words, not exactly.

But rather they get chained, together.

You can sometimes pick up that effect, if you listen to songs in the same sequence.

Your mind will alert you, to what is coming up, next.

Finally, not everything requires effort, as tremendous as it seems at first.

Our minds and bodies had nearly four billion years to generate interesting adaptions across a very broad range of ancestors.

All it takes to activate them is some prolonged effort, and then it is down hill from there.

Bodybuilding, dancing, ultra-marathon running, reciting long speeches and poems, even learning programming.

All gets easier, with time and gradual effort.