The Birds Of Programming

Saturday • December 3rd 2022 • 9:51:01 pm

The Birds Of Programming

Saturday • December 3rd 2022 • 9:51:01 pm

The road to programming, is nice, you will never run out of good advice.

Once you finish your first bit of code, you get some new friends to help you on your road.

They will help you build your apps, and untangle all your code scraps.

They are birds of a feather, and here I explain why you should program together.

The bird zero, will quickly become your hero.

She’s a rubber duck, named Alice, and she will help you debug your code palace.

Whenever you are stuck, just imagine talking to Alice the duck.

She’ll help you see the bug, and give you a little hug.

The bird number one, Is a chicken named Malice pretty much the opposite of Alice.

Being friends with her is a real test, and she will put some hair on your chest.

Alas you have to brave, and shave.

This is the chicken that violates causality, and makes jello out of our reality.

She’s kind of like a magical form of art, and can help you finish before you start.

Like, compile a compiler, with it self, and put a load of programming books on your shelf.

But she can also unsave files, and make you search for miles.

Occasionally she can make a disappear, so always be ready to cover your rear.

I am sure there is also bird number two, but many don’t think that is true.

And she’s there to goose you, when you haven’t thought your program through.

I say she is hiding behind a fence post, and enjoys causing trouble, the most.

She’s probably a loving but angry goose, that is always out on the loose.

She causes the off by one bugs, and does not really give hugs.

She’s the reason why you can never be sure, if you counted the whole array or if there is more.

Her real name is Obo, as undoing her handiwork is slow go.

She teaches us to always be humble, and as a side note to never grumble.