Easy Peasy Fitness
Easy Peasy Fitness

Friday • October 13th 2023 • 11:25:35 pm

Easy Peasy Fitness

Friday • October 13th 2023 • 11:25:35 pm

If what we knew about working out was correct, we would see outstanding results.

Lifting something some 10 times for 20 seconds total and then resting, creates a weak two or five minute exercise that the body ignores.

Instead, take that 20 seconds of lifting, and extend it, by lifting lower weights, no rest, just lower weights.

And then bring that non-stop exercise up to 3 minutes, and then 5 minutes, and 10, and 15, gradually overtime.

Always lowering the weights as needed, but never really stopping.

Now what was once 20 seconds of exercise can be pushed up to an hour, then doubled, and crowned by a third hour for a few months if you are large.

Look at people lifting for 20 seconds now, and look at you lifting for minutes or hours.

That is how wrong we are about fitness, it is 20 seconds versus two or three hours.

Your diet, is, don’t be a fool and spend money on powders, I was once given a brilliant piece of dietary advice in just two words: eat meat.

To which I would add, on a stick, over a bond fire, or from a BBQ, just have fun with it.

If you want to speed up your weight loss, put your meat creations in a shredded lettuce salad, that will make you feel full faster.

Stay away from sugar as that is powerful medicine, for people in bad trouble, and does not belong in a person’s daily diet, at all, at all.

Like the idea of sets and reps, the correctness of form, is utter nonsense, arguments can be made for it all day, sure.

The way to do it right, is to dance, to flow, to be like water, to ruin every trainer advice ever uttered.

To invent a new ghastly, embarrassing, and extremely cringy set of moves, grab onto the 3 or 5 pound weights, and dance, twisting, and turning, and flowing.

Gradually building up your endurance to a non-stop 3 hour session, and freaking the heck out every bro scientist that has ever laid their eye holes upon you.

The three hour workout is something you do for a few weeks, few months if you used to be fat, you will fall back to one hour.

To meet your goals, and complete your transformation, and put on muscle, perhaps even with a whopping 8 pound dumbells: three hours.