Building Your First Software Empire; Or, Self Editable Applications Are Just Operating Systems

Monday • November 21st 2022 • 9:07:07 pm

Building Your First Software Empire; Or, Self Editable Applications Are Just Operating Systems

Monday • November 21st 2022 • 9:07:07 pm

Self editable applications are a big deal, because they help you build easy to manage business empires.

They don’t assume, they let your users build.

Self editable does not mean that programming is required, rather programs are dragged and dropped together from actions.

Apple Automator is a good, though limited example, no programming and very little practice is required to make programs.

A Self Editable Application, comes with Editable Programs.

And they are all written, by using the drag and drop actions together method.

The actions themselves are written in JavaScript, but they are just simple programs in a public repository.

This means if there is a need for a program, or a bug somewhere, the users can try to take care of it.

That is to say, if you sell a self editable application, your users will be able to extend programs and fix bugs.

You can compare that to selling spreadsheets, with fancy formulas that your uses can adjust as needed.

This method of operation, requires that you give away free access for non-commercial purposes.

And only ask for money, when someone is making money from your applications, which is quire fair.

You don’t have to make it a legal requirement, just call it etiquette.

Web applications, are ready for it.

As to what kind of applications, news readers that transform data from scrapers.

And application that generate code, that can be used in other applications.

Such as web theme designers, or CSS/Sass code generators that help Designers with repetitive tasks.

Usually, probably, making non editable apps.

But overall, you really want to leave it up to your users to decide.

CouchDB has been around for a while, but not until Svelte allowed for easy application development did it all come together.

CouchDB approach to data exchange is powerful, because it is easy to imagine.

And useful in case of Self Editable Operating Systems, because to make a directory one just creates a doc with a list of files.

Some of which can be other directories, and tat means a simple easy file system tree.

With the use of PouchDB views and Svelte stores… Self synchronizing application, from network to the UI, are just a few days of programming away.

Gun.js is another interesting technology, and IPFS and simple web sockets, and marvels like ZeroMQ.

Can take the OS, to the next level.

In closing, allow your users, sell the applications they drag and drop together.

A more advanced model here, would be letting them bring their own server.

This way their customers would pay off their server use, and you would end up taking a small percent…

For allowing their applications, to be sold on your network.

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