Temples Of Solitude, And The Arrow Of Adventure
Temples Of Solitude, And The Arrow Of Adventure

Thursday • March 21st 2024 • 11:29:25 pm

Temples Of Solitude, And The Arrow Of Adventure

Thursday • March 21st 2024 • 11:29:25 pm

There is no returning from adventure. the arrow of time points in one direction.

Might as well be trying, to become young again.

Or un-mixing a sweet cup, or vanilla tea.

Not only do you have to go forward, never fear, never retreat, never surrender.

But also, you have to go up, or grow up, and all the way up.

All the way, until you become a great being.

Go back and unpack your gear again, tonight you feast on a litter bit of ice cream.

You can have as much beef jerky, as there is in a cow or two.

A nice potato, with a tiny drop of something tasty, and a beautiful little, almost dry, Jalapeno.

You can’t have a meal like that at home, and if you try making it…

It will taste the same way you life used to, before you became an adventurer.

There is no going back, because where you come from, wasn't a place.

It was just a beginning, your camp is a real place.

It is your castle, your home.

It is from here, that you go, everywhere else.

I used to call them, Temples of Solitude.

My best one was the first, by two trees on a distant hill.

And I called them, Rain Makers, Deszczowce.

My most colorful and public one, was in the 1996 New York.

is the first bench after the Manhattan-side support assembly nook, on Brooklyn Bridge.

Solitude is not loneliness, it is clarity.

If you wan to call yours a temple too, maybe call it a Temple of Clarity.

Are your grades real, when numb cramming is all it takes.

Do you think your diploma, will be real?

Is that what you think an education is, paperwork.

If you stay in the rat race, or worst yet, go back.

None of these question will exist, and you will slip into old age.

Adventure is not a burden, it is your right.

It is your Quest, the oldest of traditions.

A quest for Knowledge and Understanding, Wisdom, Truth; And resulting greatness.

Adventure is the road you walk, to grow up.

If you stay in the beginning, there will be no growing up, just aging.


Rather than going back home, go to the library to get more narrated books.

Make room by your fire for Adventure Books, Philosophy Books, and Science Popularizes.

Inherit their culture, Wisdom and Knowledge, and rise.

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