Michigan Weather Report 2024
Michigan Weather Report 2024

Thursday • March 14th 2024 • 12:42:22 am

Michigan Weather Report 2024

Thursday • March 14th 2024 • 12:42:22 am

Well it finally happened, we had 90 degree weather.

And I had my first, mosquito bite.

It is unknown if it was a young blood, or a old squitoe from last year.

But a bite, is a bite. despite me putting up a fight.

Since the beginning of this year, in the past two and a half months.

We had four winters, six springs, and finally today our first summer.

Most Michiganders go through life, never really knowing what season it is.

And whose who do, get a bead on it, certainly never know, what season it is going to be.

In fact just a moment ago at a my store, a cashier reported nearly dying.

From wearing a cold autumn hoodie, on what turned out to be the first summer day.

This happens a lot, a lot more than one would have thought.

Since Michigan weather, is something nobody can explain.

Most of us learn to, never complain.

Things have gotten so weird, that often autumn leaves are not cleared.

People just wait a day or too, for hurricane winds to blow through.

And it all end up in the lake, like a piece of cake.

Often weather men are sent here as a joke, and you can see their ears smoke.

For me, however, there is the mosquitoes complication.

Because as it turned out, genetically, I am the sweetest man in this nation.

This is not a good thing, it makes me the mosquito bite king.

My curse is such, that mosquitoes just love me far too much.

They often follow me in a random bunch, and kind of see that as bringing along lunch.

Birds were extra chipper today, most flew with open mouths to hoover up their prey.

There were lots of different bugs flying around, and they fed so well they had to walk on the ground.

We may have a few more winters in the queue, and maybe an autumn or two.

But bottom line, this was the first day of summer and sunshine,

The big surprise was when frogs started singing, it is truly was a beautiful beginning.

I for one am not putting away my winter clothes, for what season could it be tomorrow? – nobody knows.

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