We Are Star Babies; Or, The World Needs You To Unlock Your Genius
We Are Star Babies; Or, The World Needs You To Unlock Your Genius

Sunday • November 27th 2022 • 7:43:31 pm

We Are Star Babies; Or, The World Needs You To Unlock Your Genius

Sunday • November 27th 2022 • 7:43:31 pm

You are not a worker, you are an adventurer.

You are not poor, you are infinitely creative.

Poverty, hunger, homelessness, exist because we are not learning.

We’d rather overwork, ourselves.

Than to give every human being, a universal income card.

That will never run out, out of the fact that we are one family.

It is trivial to make the card smart enough, to never disrupt regional economies.

Programming the underlying bank, would take less than 500 lines of code.

You are royalty, your kingdom is the Universe, and your treasure is the world's wisdom.

But our vision is clouded, for lack of knowledge.

For lack of Beautiful Wisdom, and the lack of the urge to rise to greatness.

Even though the beginning is as simple, as safely crossing…

The Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide trails.

For all the trouble we have with learning, I think Wise Narrated Books…

That are held in high regard, by all the word’s intellectuals.

And cute little adventures, with tent and nifty backpack in you back.

May get you started, as they can help you to slow down.

And listen to all the lovely books, that will make all the diference.

You are not old, in the eyes of the Universe...

The Eldest of the Elderly, are Star Babies.

We are perfectly unique, only to exist once.

And we are not, simple.

We do not start and end, within the range of our lifespan.

We transcend the past, by connecting…

To thinkers, to Philosophers, through thousands of books.

To live strong and healthy, we must inherit wisdom from books.

And we do not end, precisely because of books.

We have to take what we learned, and turn it to poetry.

Not everyone will read it, but it will be read.

Our spirits will return, to keep the readers company.

By writing, we make friends far in the future.

The Universe, is an infinite complexity machine.

If you are large enough, it is easy to be a Universe.

This is the beginning, the stars in the sky are sparks.

They started with the initial inflation, the stars are here to help us grow.

But, eventually, far in the future, we’ll be lighting our own stars.

In just 65 million years, out of the infinity ahead of us.

We’ll look as different from ourselves, as chicken from dinosaur, or shrew from ape.

You are part, of the launch of Humanity.

Of the initial greeting, and the symphony orchestra of the stars.

You are not a worker, you are not poor, you are not old.

You are an adventurer, a thinker and philosopher.

An artist, especially, especially is you own a wall projector.

A composer, as all you need, is a beat sequencer.

And just as capable and smart, as all the greats.

Unlocking your genius, only calls for self education.

For following your curiosities, at your own pace, and time of day, or night.

Do not live beneath the misunderstandings, rise, find your wisdom, and become a Great Being.