Speak Out; Or, The Road To World Peace
Speak Out; Or, The Road To World Peace

Sunday • March 5th 2023 • 9:20:07 pm

Speak Out; Or, The Road To World Peace

Sunday • March 5th 2023 • 9:20:07 pm

All the things halting Humanity’s convergence on wisdom, have the same root cause: Indoctrination.

Once you progress a little further, you maybe surprised to see how little authentic disagreement there actually is.

Indoctrination is not quite as manufactures as it may seem, it is more apt to talk about its harvestation.

Cultures are held back, because advancement demands competence and wisdom.

And yes, uneducated, small minded leaders, are infested with broken ideas and false beliefs.

We need not look to misery to see its impact, but allow me to make an impactful statement, that may sting a little.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in all of human history, there was never a single alien abduction, or UFO cover-up.

It was all made up, it was all make believe, or stress and overwork, and drugs, but above all, it was brilliant writers, and artists that to this day have us scared silly.

And yet, I will never change your mind, just like you can never change the mind of a leader…

Whose thoughts are magnetized towards the false belief, that poor an uneducated cannot be helped.

Politicians in their poverty of mind, will prevent change, at all cost.

There is nothing educational about schools today, that cannot be self taught in a safe and happy home.

In a home armored by what you have already begun believing is ugly, Universal Basic Income.

Finally, the road to World Peace, our convergence in wisdom and celebration of the human condition.

Is not in your hands, it cannot be in your hands, as you are already stained by indoctrination.

it is in the hands of those, that future actually belongs to.

The little philosophers, the youngest of us, those who have not yet learned to believe in falsehoods.

Those who have not yet been scared stupid, by being held back, or not getting a diploma, or never being able to get a job.

They just need to know two things, schools are not working, everyone is just pretending to move on.

And that poverty is a mistake of uneducated leaders, who are incapable of leading the worlds towards effective Universal Basic Income.

In other words, tell them to relax, not to be scared of grades or poverty.

Tell them schools are going to be fake, and their poverty is a mistake.

Tell them poverty is not their fault, but just a symptom of fake education.

Do not propagate the easier wrongs, ask your children to grow all they way up until they become great beings.