The Large Knights Of Potatoes; Or, Become A Trail Guide
The Large Knights Of Potatoes; Or, Become A Trail Guide

Thursday • February 8th 2024 • 12:14:28 am

The Large Knights Of Potatoes; Or, Become A Trail Guide

Thursday • February 8th 2024 • 12:14:28 am

We get lost in complexity of life, and we forget to take care of ourselves.

A trail guide brings a person back, to face their own selves, and get healthy again.

You don't have to be an expert, or cross the Appalachian Trail to be a guide.

You only need to know how to Camp and Hike, and you learn by doing it a bunch of times.

You don't have to go far, sometimes local State Parks have nifty Camp Grounds.

And they are sure to have plenty of trails, that take you here and there.

Some may have horses, and even bear.

Remember, if its red poke the head, if it brown talk it down, if its black attack, and if it is white just bite...

Or whatever, just don't use a bear bell, as that will probably annoy everyone around you, and call the bear.

I once had a trail guide chase me away, from a very large camp site in a tiny wilderness.

She was just a tidy organizer, looking after multiple groups.

And she needed me to clear my very own site, and go, and hurry... and I went...

And without introductions or saying much at all, I just wanted to get out of her way.

No adventurer in their right mind, would abandon such a nice site.

But, she had a clip board with a checklist, yikes!

I already spent weeks at the wilderness, I was just staying extra day or two out on the border.

To tidy up my gear, and watch one more sunset.

You help people set up, make sure there is first aid, and sausages.

Show them how to gather fire wood, remind them not to pet the local wildlife and cut down greenery.

And let them, light the fire before it get too dark.

A week out camping, represents massive amounts of fat loss.

Hiking is all there is during the day, it is constant exploring...

And elaborate scheming, to get a burrito going on one of the evening fires.

Or better yet, get some ice cream during the two week stay.

But those are just day dreams, if you don't like the sausage.

You can have an extra sprinkle of salt, in in your po-tay-toe.

The beautiful thing about being a trail guide, is that every adventure is different.

Whoever you take out there, may or may not with to go far.

Some adventurers will have visited before, other never will again.

The woods represent hope of resetting lifestyles, and driving stressed out people into weight loss.

The more visits per year, the more success you will see.

Finally, set everyone on the goal, of section hiking the Appalachian Trail.

A hiker only needs a guide a couple times, before they themselves, gain the ability to guide others to adventure and health.

Don't burden your students with lessons, just show them magnificent adventure.

And how to reliably hook a mean looking rubber snake on a string, to a persons backpack, and get it on video.

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