Meaningful Diet & Weight Loss
Meaningful Diet & Weight Loss

Saturday • March 16th 2024 • 12:31:08 am

Meaningful Diet & Weight Loss

Saturday • March 16th 2024 • 12:31:08 am

Whether you are looking to tone your body, or transform it completely...

You cannot do just one thing, nor can you just do two.

You need to do all the things, starting with walking and hiking.

If you want an antithetic body, or if you care to become a bodybuilder.

You will need to start with lightest dumbbells, and extending your endurance up to a four hour non stop dumbbell dance.

Your first workout may just be 15 minutes, and that is OK, that is what you gradually extend.

You won't need dumbbells heavier than 12 pounds per hand, because of how quickly you must move to the beat of songs.

But if you are not ready for gym, or don't much care for a muscular body.

Then what you need is walking, hiking, camping, with narrated books playing in your ears.

Depending on how fit and large you are, you may need to start section hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Just a couple of weeks out there, will change your life and body.

There are two other trails as magnificent the AT, the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), and the Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

It is not just that walking is effective for weight loss, it is the lifestyle change.

More precisely, it is the fact, that all the things change when you go out there.

If you give it a few days, you will become unchained.

Stress will leave you, discomfort will fade away.

Think of eating more food than you need, as an alarm that you need adventure.

Just go get a backpack and a tent, and hike.

If you are suffering obesity, hiking will double your life.

And which is more, you will have the most amazing body.

Carrying all that fat, makes us bodybuilders from childhood on.

The bigger you are, the bigger your muscles.

If you have always been large, than know that you have never seen your real face.

Let walking transform you, and let your narrated books be your candle in the dark.

Seek out the clearest of thinkers, authors who write about adventure, science and philosophy.

And enter their culture, the culture of knowledge wisdom, and greatness.

Grow all the way up, until you become a great being.

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