How To Grow Up Faster; Or, Thinking Outside Of The Box
How To Grow Up Faster; Or, Thinking Outside Of The Box

Thursday • March 9th 2023 • 10:43:53 pm

How To Grow Up Faster; Or, Thinking Outside Of The Box

Thursday • March 9th 2023 • 10:43:53 pm

Let us begin with a kind of conspiracy theory, you live in a box, some say a prison with invisible walls, while it is emergent and not designed, it is enforced.

Your representatives assume that if they listen to you, you will destabilize the box, so they protect it.

They’ll let you live the pretty silly fantasy of pursuit of happiness, while ensuring that Real Education and Universal Basic Income, never pass.

They point to drug legalization, gangs, protests, and Brexit even, and laugh among themselves saying…

If we let them have what they want, they will destroy themselves and the country.

But that is a kind of madness, a confabulation, broken groupthink, desire to feel superior, and an overwhelming amount of greed.

There is no better explanation for this madness, of just looking at symptoms and making crap up to fit their preconceived notions.

Than an old lonesome quote, by dear Kurt Vonnegut: “True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.”

Yup, the world leaders and representatives, are not grownups, they are just aged nineteen-year-olds.

They didn't create the box, it emerged out of complexity and chaos, they reinforce it, because they don’t know anything, but what they tell each other.

It is one of those, “forget what you’ve learned in college kid, here is what really goes on, behind the closed doors”.

Resisting any and all change, goes really well with all this, since they don’t know how to do anything, they don’t have to do anything.

Let’s take a look at drug legalization for a moment, to contrast what they see, with what really is going on.

Drug use is a mental disorder, not an incurable disease, but a disorder, it is born from pain, poverty, fear, terror, homelessness isolation, loss, hopelessnes.

A normal person wouldn't do drugs, they would see it, as pissing into their brain, or worse.

An in deed a famous rat experiment shows, that when the creatures are teared well, they stop seeking trash relief, and live.

But, the high school class that was runnig the country at the time, criminalized it, for one it was a great way to get elected.

Eveyone you and I included can agree, that drug use is revolting, disgusting,

But by criminalizing drugs, they also criminalized, feeling pain, poverty, fear, terror, homelessness, isolation, loss, hopelessnes.

For the people, who have no support, who grew in in a culture of drug use, who might not have even see in as something disgusting.

And as a result, police started destroying whatever was left of their lives, especially the young people, the most vulnerable of us.

To put a quick and desperate end to this, in an age of for profit prisons, without saying a damn word, we started legalizing this disgusting thing.

There is no way to stop the prison industry, in a world ran by make-believe leaders, who get baited and pushed around by people who are much more cunning then them.

The powerful well established multi-generational groups of families, behind large enterprises.

Wherever there is money, a new industry will pop up, it will have no soul, it will have no heart, it will have no eyes, just that old ravenous feeling of greed.

Where politicians look down at us for legalizing, the shortest possible way to ruin your life.

What really happened, is us, giving the teenagers, who messed up, as much as we can, so that can recover without a criminal record that will destroy whatever is left.

That is of course not the story you hear, that is because everyone turns it into whatever they want to believe in.

And if they are unable to stop, or in other words addicted, they will tell you anything that will win an argument an move on.

Or whatever is left of them, at the moment, to move on, to get to and through another day.

You see the actual result, the effect, an addict can have another day, another chance at recovery, without criminal records.

The word recreational, is a good bait, to make decriminalization happen, it will get he votes necessary.

It is a temporary fix though, it is a bandaid, last time I was on my bicycle trail.

I saw a bunch of 12 year olds lined up like Hank Hill and his crew, smoking their older brothers or dads, mental disorder.

There is no way out of addiction, without removing the error or terror that put them in the first place.

Which brings us to the meaty part of this strange poem, as soon as it is possible, before pain pushes people into self medicating by pissing into their brains.

We have to get them out of the box, the strange invisible prison, that is causing all the discomfort, and harm, and pain.

That is just two things, that are closely networked, or intertwined together, meaning that you can’t have one without the other.

That we can’t do it one at a time, arose out of chaos of the human condition, it is a two part locking mechanism.

On one side you have poverty, that will stress you out so hard, that you will be unable to read books or learn.

And on the other side, is un-education, which will keep you in povery, twisting, churning, causing fractures, and even addicion.

To beak this lock, on our box, reinforced by wannabe leaders, from ineffective teachers to useless prime ministers and the like.

We need a key, which unravels the inter-dynamics of poverty and un-education.

The key is two parts, on one end you have effective education, that enables children to inherit entire lifetimes of wisdom from books and adventures.

On the other end, is something that you have already been convinced of as being evil, the end of poverty, today known as Universal Basic Income.

To exit the box, you forge a key that is the opposite, of what keeps the invisible walls standing.

And as a result, the positions of leadership that are today plugged up, by spoiled teens who aged well into their 70s, without achieving anything.

Will become filled, with young people who surpassed the mental capacity, of these retarded leaders, by the time they hit 25 or 30.

In closing, this incredible world can only be created, by young people all around the world who hacked the locking mechanism.

Not something that many people will do, because it requires puking your guts out in some parkin lot from trash food.

As you rise, in your courage, in your dignity, in your unbrakability, to face pain, poverty, fear, terror, homelessness, isolation, loss, and hopelessnes.

Alone, alone, alone, against all fucking odds

As your favorite narrated books play in your headphones granting you all the tools you need, all the culture of great beings that you were missing, and break the lock.

By curing your un-education, and rendering the terror of poverty meaningless.

I imagine like Universal Basic Income, Narrated Books, have been attacked, by those who don’t want to be inconvenienced, by NOT pissing into their brains.

But the text on a page, is the same as musical notation on paper, you wouldn't listen to a melody on paper, you shouldn't merely read books.

We are story tellers and story listeners, to properly inherit wisdom, and make connections for more, we need to hear it.

If you are willing to take this gut wrenching journey, then I have some tools for you.

Two concepts, that maybe unfamiliar to you.

Content Of Character, as the thing deep inside our minds, the sum of all our history, and how we rose.

I heard those words, in a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr, on my adventure to the ocean.

And the concept of Subtle Analogies, or reasoning by subtle analogy, this is a pretty definition of wisdom, and the precursor to Synthesis Of Wisdom.

And I have a sample box for you that you can study, that you can examine, and comprehend.

And perhaps most importantly, you will be able to examine locks, how concepts can combine to create a lock, or a finger trap.

Be careful, here, most human beings are born to this box, but it is old, it can no longer contain us, and is in fact disintegrating.

Don’t cling to it, don’t try to get back inside it, but rather study it, how it captures some part of you, and perhaps stuck like glue.

Search a popular video site for “Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion + Questions and Answers

This should be about 1 hour 50 minutes long, you may find copies of just the QA, but that maybe something you may appreciate later.

Pay special attention, the timing of the laughter of the students, if you ever lose hope in humanity…

The timing of the laughter here, show that the kids are tough, they sense the invisible prison walls, it is in our nature.

Of course, you have to view a couple of hundred videos, that are related to this one.

And the my second recommendation has something more, this video is not just about breaking out of invisible prisons…

But like in the many books you will encounter in your journeys, this video helps you inherit not just wisdom…

But also some of the class of these great beings, you befriend them, and in a way start thinking like them, thus enter their culture.

The often broken down in two parts, and an update with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who wasn't able to join them in the first session.

Four horsemen – Discussion featuring Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett.

Lastly, I have a book recommendation by the funny Mr. Bill Bryson, A Short History Of Nearly Everything

There are two reasons why this book is special, the opening, describes effects of ineffective education, and the book it self, shows yo how a normal person learns.

My favorite part is the “Not Another Phylum” bit, it got me burst out in laugher as I was jogging in Ann Arbor late at night.

Pondering schools coudn’t never afford to go to, for one I coudn’t afford to pretend that memorization is education.

But the most illustrative part, is Mr. Bryson visiting the Stromatolites in Australia.

That, is how you learn.

And the book you write in the processes, is your diploma.

If it so happens that you are the person that will fix schools, know that more important than anything is travel.

Our brains need geographic motion, preferably by foot as in case of the Triple Crown of Hiking, AT, PCT, and CDT.

But our world needs student exchange, something that is necessary for world peace…

And becomes possible, with a world wide Universal basic Income Program.

In the absence of teachers, you must become a teacher.