Welcome To Planet Earth - A Word Of Caution
Welcome To Planet Earth - A Word Of Caution

Saturday • August 5th 2023 • 11:32:53 pm

Welcome To Planet Earth - A Word Of Caution

Saturday • August 5th 2023 • 11:32:53 pm

Glad you could make it, this is a beautiful world, and you have a beautiful mind.

Please don't let the following get to you or make you sad, it is meant to help you to become strong and mighty.

I wish, I had better news, but the sooner you take to the pursuit of greatness, the more time you will have to help and enjoy the world.


We all pretty much just got here ourselves, and everything got all mixed up.

The planet is 5 billions years old, the modern human is 200,000 years old.

Our strangest invention is money, and everyone is trapped in poverty.

Our best invention the school system, but it is about a hundred years old, and broken.

And we are all still trying to figure out, how computers work and should work.

I really wish there was better news, but it is better that you hear the truth early on.

Humanity is divided into layers, which are defined by levels of education and poverty.

Humans are sociologically, psychologically, and possibly genetically, predisposed to just listen to adults and just blindly believe them.

And if that was not error prone enough and dangerously easy for false leaders, we are predisposed and pressured to blindly propagate whatever we’ve been born into.

If we don’t carry whatever we are born into, forward, then we will be declared as cast away, by the people closest to us.

The division layers must be transcended, but since they are invisible, no lasting effort has been put towards that.

The news gets worse, great effort has been put, into allowing humanity to drift towards further division and stratification.

That appears to always work for the bad people, and results in tragedy, injustice, eventual economic failure and war.

Because wealthy liars and pretenders head directly for prestigious leadership positions, we have been locked away from progress.

We live in a constant state of mutually assured destruction, unable to stop pollution, loss of species, climate change, and the overall corruption.

The world is a beautiful place, but our species is too young, too preoccupied with the wrong paths, with the wrong aims.

This is why you must know the bad news first, so that you and and your entire generation can get ahead of the liars.

It is not just the world that is beautiful, but also each and every human mind, yours and everybody else’s.

But the message to rise towards greatness by means of knowledge and wisdom, is too difficult to understand, and all to easy to corrupt or mangle and hide.

Please understand, that any great leaders that may rise, must necessary pass.

And he lairs are well aware of the vacuum that loss will cause, and they are long prepared use it to undo their progress and further corrupt the world for their own profit.

This world does not need a single leader, it demand a generation of generation of great beings.

So I crafted a message for you, that you will always remember, it will help you see, and guide you to help all the others rise as well.

Become A Philosopher, Become A Philosopher, Become A Philosopher, Become A Philosopher - Become A Philosopher.