My Garbage Slippers: Or, Fixing The Dance Floor
My Garbage Slippers: Or, Fixing The Dance Floor

Thursday • February 1st 2024 • 12:47:06 am

My Garbage Slippers: Or, Fixing The Dance Floor

Thursday • February 1st 2024 • 12:47:06 am

It is 11PM, I am ready for bed.

But, my feet are still tired from dancing today.

It is because, I dance on a rubber floor.

I would have been fine, if it wasn't for some foam shoes.

That just had the heel, up to high.

I don't know, what exactly occurred, or how.

But I sure know how to fix it, and change the world.

At least the world of dancing, on a non slip surface.

I got chicken in the over, two vinyl place mats for messy eaters.

A hole punch mean enough, to punch through them.

...the placemats, not the eaters...

Paper, sticky tape, and an unbelievably large box of shoelaces.

I don't, even...

And the mission is to release the friction, between the shoe and the rubber floor.

Or lower the friction coefficient, as an engineer would babble.

In a word, I can't change my gym floor, but I can change the bottom of my shoe.

There are a lot of constraints, I can't stick anything to the bottom of my shoe.

Because I need to take it off, if it is not working.

I don't want glue, on the bottom of my $24 discount shoe.

The vinyl in the vinyl placements, can have a hole punched through it with a hole punch.

Meaning it is really iffy, whatever the paper template I create.

I will need to use it on multiple, things, including carpet, and thick shower curtain.

I already know it will all look stupid, but it is not as stupid as hurting your legs.

The hole punch, allows me to use shoelaces, to attach the vinyl to my sole.

I have a hand held one, that I just got for a dollar.

And a professional one, that is a steel tube, with a sharp end.

This one is for the carpet experiment, and you use a hammer to punch through thick things.

Ok, lets hack the planet out of this boat, and and go for mark-I armor nice, ugly and heavy...

It is not 12:31, my shoes look like ******.

And worst of all, all the chicken is gone.

I ended up using two laces, and tore several of the punched eyelets.

I will have my hole punch, for field repair.

Lastly, my prediction is total failure, I tried curving the vinyl over the shoe.

To use it self as the real holding mechanism, but even so, I think the vinyl is too weak.

But, it will work long enough, for me to see if vinyl is the material I want to use.

If it slides on rubber, if so then I will make linger tabs.

Use one place mat per each shoe, and line the sole facing area with professional tear resistant tape.

It is winter where I am currently at, and these things would make for some mean skull cracking ice sliding.

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