A Tiny Look At Generative Art
A Tiny Look At Generative Art

Wednesday • October 25th 2023 • 11:09:48 pm

A Tiny Look At Generative Art

Wednesday • October 25th 2023 • 11:09:48 pm

It is hard to beat generative art, it is fast and very pretty.

Its ability to mimic artists, like Caravaggio.

Or mix features, creating animals in human attire.

Creates wonderful art, and again very quickly.

It used to be that generative art, was made by a computer program.

And the real artist, was the programmer.

But with today's generative art, the computer program contains all images.

And a lot of it is ugly and boring, it takes a prompt artist.

To send some text to the, generative art program.

To pull out a pretty image, and some of that text may make no sense.

The text is called a prompt, you are prompting a machine to create something.

Even though prompts can be guesses, and mostly back engineered.

They are like sub programs, they are the art behind the final image.

The prompts will only get more complex, more unique, and more recognizable.

Prompt artist will gain recognition, for how magical the prompt, and beautiful the outcome.

As to the ordinary artist, they will go on.

They will continue, doing what they enjoy.

But also have the option, of using their art skills for generative art.

They have experience in producing, story telling, illustration, framing.

They will look beyond simple prompting, and may update illustrations in classic books.

Fixing little errors, introduced by the program by hand.

Though tools to replace, broken parts of a generated image do exist.

Manual painting is still something that generative art creators, should learn.

Overall, a work of art is a complete, standalone finished product.

And whether it is created with a brush, or a text prompt, it is art.

And that generative art is so much faster, does not mean that the manual artist was beat.

It means that more complex artworks, are now possible.

Re-illustrating classical books, with more fascinating art is a good example of that.

Here creating hundreds of works of art, would be too hard for a manual artist.

But now, with the use of generative art, and lost manual fixing, it is now possible.

We have just witnessed, a generative art, come of age.

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