Your Intellectual Inheritance; Or, How Wisdom Cradles And You Just Kind Of Use It By Subtle Analogy
Your Intellectual Inheritance; Or, How Wisdom Cradles And You Just Kind Of Use It By Subtle Analogy

Tuesday • July 25th 2023 • 10:57:45 pm

Your Intellectual Inheritance; Or, How Wisdom Cradles And You Just Kind Of Use It By Subtle Analogy

Tuesday • July 25th 2023 • 10:57:45 pm

As you venture into a library, in search for an interesting narrated book.

The cover and the title is a good judge, of what you are about to get into…

But it is not indicative, of the wisdom that you are about to inherit.

And even the word wisdom, is already constricting us too much.

What you inherit from a book, will be in the zone of profound things…

That in time, will enhance your abilities.

And it may not even feel great, powerful books will often make you cry.

They may show you, that you were wrong, that you in facet were never alone, ever.

Or they may show that as unique as you are, you are not the first to carve earth with your mountains.

Some books, will end in tragedy, and you will adopt the person that was lost.

They will become your family, and you will become one of the keeps of their memory.

Or you may use your abilities, to send yourself into the most terrible of their tragedies.

And keep them company, you may sit on their bunk bed.

And that's, why, why, we must rise.

And it can even get super weird, because the more you inherit...

The finer your comprehension, of the human condition….

Eventually, you will be able to unravel lies, the way a mom can see when their baby is fibbing.

So when a woman features in an ancient story, but is made to be a woman of the streets...

By a religious cult that hates and oppresses women, you will be able to lift her curse.

To reconstruct legends, to what they really once were.

Legends are vehicles for wisdom, to tell the story as it was told for ages.

You have to hit the key points, preserving the spirit of story and thus releasing its wisdom.

Stories that seem old, and make little sense..

Aren’t too ancient for us, they are crippled, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by time.

Your enhanced knowledge of the human condition, will allow you, to bring legends back to life.

On just undo lies, and correct history to do the heroes justice.

There are many books, that have been encoded by their authors...

That will rely on the readers abilities, to decode and sometimes uncompress them, even.

This is all wisdom, or, intellectual inheritance, and it is yours, and it belongs to all.

The one thing that life changing books will always do, is surprise you.

Now, you have to make sure, that the books are loved by clear thinking intellectuals.

For every beautiful book written by a great being, there are countless many quacks.

Start with non-fiction, and science, and see who those writers talk about.

See what the related books are, that get mentioned by multiple websites.

And see who the avid readers, or intellectuals recommend, but you have to be careful, as they may unload something abstract.

They are artists in their recommendations, and they can get really fancy sometimes.

But make your way towards books about philosophy, that ponder the lives of famous philosophers.

To just to see how thinking is done, and how simple, and familiar greatness feels.

But yes, you can’t choose what wisdom you will learn, and as you re-listen to the narrated versions…

You will certainly, without a question, discover and comprehend more and more of your inheritance.

Lastly, books are a desperate way to transport Wisdom, Tools For Thinking, Enhancements To Your Mind, and Comprehension Skills.

And narrated books, especially when you are hiking, are the correct way to decode the data within.

Books upload, super powers, each meaningful and life changing book, is an upgrade to your mind.

Books, are how we transport the best within us, into the minds of the future generations.