Weird Dancing; Or, Music Energy For Fitness
Weird Dancing; Or, Music Energy For Fitness

Wednesday • July 26th 2023 • 11:28:53 pm

Weird Dancing; Or, Music Energy For Fitness

Wednesday • July 26th 2023 • 11:28:53 pm

It is not really possible to workout, without trying to hit every beat of a song.

The song can’t just be playing in the background, while you lazily count your reps and sets.

The song has to take over, it has to become your timer and trainer.

A proper workout, to keep a body in shape…

is more like a dumbbell dance, where all your muscles have something to do.

It is difficult at first, because you need to slowly earn endurance.

It is the same kind of process, as when a person learns to jog.

And you have to be careful, to avoid distractions.

As those will kick your out, of the music trance.

Dance trance is very important, to a proper workout.

Getting over your initial limitations, will take a while.

You may need an interval timer, which is an electronic trainer.

It will help you gradually increase your dance duration while decreasing the rest period.

Until, you eliminate it, this is the gym equivalent of Couch to 5K that joggers use.

The beats per minute of your songs (BPM), must also match your abilities.

Start with songs that have a slow beat, and slowly work your way up.

Eventually you may need to use a computer program, to adjust the tempo.

Yes, non-stop rhythmic motion, is otherwise called a really weird dance.

And for the stay at the gym, you will need to get over your shyness a tiny bit.

Going to the gym is a bout working out for real, it is about constant motion.

Spending more time to waddle around the gym, to get water, transport weights, or talk.

Is going to the gym to carry water, build a fort, or socialize.

None of that will transform a body, or even keep it in shape.

Isolating muscles on various machines, may just be the slowest way to help your body.

It is really weird, but somehow, there is no resting at the gym.

The moment spent drinking your water, is already way too much rest.

A gym is a very unusual place, and it is very necessary.

Because nowhere else, can you just grab onto bumbles and freaking dance.

Sitting around, wastes that privilege to weird dance for a couple of hours.

The older we get, the more powerful our workouts must become.

We can’t let our bodies slow down, that hard earned endurance is health and longevity.