Outlive Yourself; Or, The Skinny, On Where Fitness Fits
Outlive Yourself; Or, The Skinny, On Where Fitness Fits

Thursday • July 27th 2023 • 11:23:00 pm

Outlive Yourself; Or, The Skinny, On Where Fitness Fits

Thursday • July 27th 2023 • 11:23:00 pm

Fitness is your health, and frequent workouts are not really optional.

The reason, why it is hard to start.

Is just, lack of endurance.

But get this, lack of endurance, is an illness.

We needn’t, split hairs.

it is near enough, an illness.

It will lead, to an illness.

And it may create, a negative feedback loop.

Feeling ugly or sad, overeating to feel better.

And it gets worse, it becomes a tragedy.

Because there are no, obese elderly.

No fitness, is a downward spiral.

On the other end, however.

Endurance, is a superpower.

Fitness, assures health.

And inedibly, it extends life.

Like a magic power-up, it will give 50 extra years.

And if you care, about good looks.

Know, that there is no such thing, as an unattractive fit person.

So school, might have, taught you about exercise.

But since teachers, just want their paychecks.

They didn’t care, to comprehend it is do or die.

It is like, eating heathy food.

These facts, are hidden in the words, “Diet and Exercise”

Moreover, exercise does not hurt.

Yup, things feel odd, but it is not pain.

If you get off the couch, and excerise.

The pain you feel, during and after.

Is not, from the excessive.

I repeat, exercise, does not cause pain.

You know, what does?

Being so ill, that you can’t do some exercise.

It is that near enough, life shortening illness that hurts.

A human is meant to be fit, and must poses endurance.

Endurance is not, perseverance or stubbornness.

It is automatic, like breathing.

It is a state, of you not getting tired.

Of you being fit, and healthy.

To get endurance, you have to gradually

Increase activity duration, while decreasing rest periods.

Use a chart, interval timer, or an app, and be precise.

Get, mathematical, though it is a curve, it get easier.

Finally, debt, work, life, “GoOd” advice, will conspire against you.

It will all try to push you, but you got to push back.

Life is not meant, to make you ill.

It is a great mistake to say: “I can’t, I have a job now?”.

You have to get the kind of a job, that does not interfere with your health.

Just because you can, shorten your life by 50 years…

And cast yourself into a cycle, of overwork, overeating and sadness.

Does not mean, you should.

Yes, the world, and profit maximization…

Will push you into overwork, and thus early death.

Stand up! for yourself.

Just imagine, what the older you will think. having realized…

That they decade they live in, and the many decades they face...

Would not be there, had they just followed “gOoD” advice, and failed to chose fitness, failed to choose life.