Beginning Fitness; It Is Easy, Because Fitness Is Your Friend
Beginning Fitness; It Is Easy, Because Fitness Is Your Friend

Friday • July 28th 2023 • 11:10:20 pm

Beginning Fitness; It Is Easy, Because Fitness Is Your Friend

Friday • July 28th 2023 • 11:10:20 pm

Instant results no problem, just go camping.

Snacking too much? Get rid of your appliances.

Can’t lose weight, it is the sugar.

Sugar is a perfect food, for people stranded in space.

Down here on earth, companies add sugar to sweeten crap.

They are tricking your brain, to turn a profit.

You will discover, most crappy humans try to sell you out.

Sugar is goo medicine, for your first ultra marathon.

Or if you ever get turned around, in the woods.

A sugar snack on a normal day, is just slow killing poison.

No energy? yeah. go somewhere fun.

It is sadness, that is draining you.

Maybe Section Hike, the Appalachian Trail.

There it stops being, a question, of energy.

And it is just about an honest, day’s walk.

That come evening, becomes a medal,

Don’t eaten by a bear, or roped up by Hillbillies.

The secret to begin fitness, is walking everywhere.

And of course, with narrated, philosophy books playing in your ear.

Say “Hello” to Old Gadfly Socrates, from me.

Oh and don’t worry about the blisters, that just happens once.

It is almost as if your feet, are re-configuring.

Try outdoor shoes, with super thick socks.

Make sure, to have plenty of room for your toes.

And lace up snugly, but not too tight.

Don’t just start jogging, start with walking adventures.

And then when you feel stronger, and don’t have to suck wind anymore…

Use a training program, like “Couch To 5K”.

Be good to yourself, remember fitness is a friend.

One you built up your endurance, and your workouts are so frequent…

That weather is getting in your way, head for the gym.

The most useful thing there, is pretty much the roof.

If you are looking, to transform your body.

You have to workout, almost every day.

A workout should be non stop, there is no rest at the gym.

If you are trying to figure out, how you can afford this.

Yeah, schools have betrayed you.

You were supposed to, refine your predispositions.

But teachers, ignored your predispositions.

And instead sold you out, for easy paychecks.

Only the lairs say, that their work is hard,

Normal people know, that there is little choice.

So they have nothing, to complain about.

There is something though, learning web programming.

And building browser plugins, and subscription based web applications.

It is basically, about, launching side businesses.

As to College, University, and Career.

That comes at a price, not just unforgivable debt.

But also employers, will force you to stop being fit.

They will force you, to trade your health for your paycheck.

They won’t let you jog, they will drain you of energy.

Simply put, desperate people figured out…

They can advance, if they trade in their health.

Healthy people, need to avoid those environments.

Selling your guts out for paychecks, is unwise, as it will shorten your lifespan.

Becoming an independent programmer, is one of the ways to avoid that toxicity.

But know, that even small projects, will require months of dedication.

And you will have to, learn to take it easy.

Know, that you can’t get fired, as an independent programmer.

And when you depend, on an employer.

You will be eventually replaced, by cheaper junior employees.

Fitness is about your mind, an your body.

Get your mittens on Narrated Books, I recommend the library, or a library app.

And listen to all the life changing books, that are loved by intellectuals.

And start going on walks as soon as you can, don’t forget your sun screen, and your bug spray.

The evening air, will transform you, you will want to go back.

And the books playing in your ears, will make your first adventures, unforgettable.