Looking Beyond Limits; Or, On Authentic Education And The Culture Of Greatness
Looking Beyond Limits; Or, On Authentic Education And The Culture Of Greatness

Monday • October 9th 2023 • 11:30:38 pm

Looking Beyond Limits; Or, On Authentic Education And The Culture Of Greatness

Monday • October 9th 2023 • 11:30:38 pm

Some believe that our languages set limits to our thoughts, to how far we can wander in our imagination.

But those of us who are multilingual don’t think in words, we think in imagination.

Those of us who learn programming, are able to bulldoze confusion, by means of incomprehensible diagrams, or with a pencil and some paper.

Poets can look deeply into our world, computer game creators can learn to see far into the universe.

There are lots of ways to look outside of ourselves, all kinds of way to break out of limits.

Humanity has correctly identified, education, as something that must never be denied, and be granted to all.

Education helps us see past the limits of dark ages, those of curses, wars, scary monsters, and all powerful giants.

Education is a tool for helping Humanity to advance, past its limits, past the smallness of dark minds, and the dark ages.

There is nothing more important for Humanity than education, because without it, humanity fragments into small-minded tribes, and conflict.

With it, Humanity rises to honor authenticity, creativity, freedom, wisdom, greatness, clear vision, and meaningful legacies.

People who have real education have strength, beauty of mind or class, and they learn to no end, they are always multiplying their minds.

They are able to invent and correctly handle the end of poverty, they are able to open borders and watch nation flourish and bloom in wisdom.

Without education, or in a state of compromise, that can only benefit dark ages and never the good from which they will take.

All the bad things, that have ever happened, will simply continue, and repeat.

All the bad things, are simply a function of lack of real education and the culture it creates.

The culture of greatness, a deeply intellectual culture that sees meaningful wisdom as treasure.

We must unfortunately draw a distinction between, what is seen as education today, and real education.

This is the seam, where humanity begins to falter.

Today’s school only appear to teach, but they are actually forcing students to pretend to learn.

Later the now adult, former students, are pressured, to pretend that they are grown ups, merely by copying behavior.

A lot of adults today, know more about celebrities and their movies, than great beings and their books.

Fake education spreads poverty, that would not exist in a world with meaningful and effective education.

Our misunderstanding of real and meaningful education is such, that subject divisions, timed periods, and classrooms, actually act to prevent it.

All of it is wrong, every detail.

From grades, and hidden threats of being held back, to text books, tolerance of bullies, the graduation, and student loans.

All of it, everything has been mismanaged, misunderstood, mangled, turned into paycheck and diploma mills, all of it fell short.

The schools we have today, barely count as the first step towards education, what we have today is a selfish, shortsighted, naive plan, that needs redesign.

The gym class is wrong, we need weighted full body motion, like dance, isolating muscles is nothing by contrast.

Math is taught wrong, we don’t’ need formulas, we need the tools to invent them, that means learning programming first, and learning from visualization and simulation.

And even science is wrong, because the classroom is the last place to learn, about the universe.

Where, would Newton be, had he not left school, to rest under his apple tree.

Though modern schools have failed, there is still the old way, the ancient way.

Walk the Triple Crown, with Narrated Books playing in your ears.

Walk the Appalachian Trail, The Pacific Crest Trail, and The Continental Divide, walk for years, walk to accept your intellectual inheritance.

In the form of thousands of books written by clear thinking great beings, learn to rise, to match their heights, and resume where they left off.

Become a guide, to help others to make the same journey, journey of intellectual inheritance, journey of hard won authentic education.

Grow all the way up, and become a Great Being.

Learn, and teach, and repair, to help humanity past its limits.

Help the world to stop repeating the same mistakes, born of dark ages an ineffective education.

Teach students to begin, where the great beings leave off, help them past humanity's limits.

And leave a great positive legacy to reverberate across history, so that the future can begin where you will leave off.