Walking: A Cute Little Weight Loss Program That Changes Lives
Walking: A Cute Little Weight Loss Program That Changes Lives

Tuesday • October 10th 2023 • 11:25:40 pm

Walking: A Cute Little Weight Loss Program That Changes Lives

Tuesday • October 10th 2023 • 11:25:40 pm

Pop Quiz: What is the thing you do, when you can’t jog anymore, but still have to get some place?

What do athletes do when they finish their races, and become cranky weenies again?

That is right, walking.

We are built for walking, we are walkers more than anything else.

Walking is great for the knees, and recommended for people of any age.

Walking is also very inviting, much more inclusive than jogging.

And not only makes your legs powerful, especially if you start out large.

But you can add some light dumbbells, to work on your shoulders as well.

Walking is also deeply wise, and perhaps profound even.

You just have to add, the component of weight loss.

Weight loss, or burning up fat reserves, or emptying fat pockets, is achieved by gradually increasing your walking distance.

Don’t worry, the blisters only happen in the beginning, and as long as you keep you toe claws smooth you’ll be alright.

Your pain threshold also increases, so that initial fatigue and frankly angry feet will fade away, pretty quickly too.

You will find that fat is in-fact melting away, and even with a weak or simple diet.

And here comes and important point, weightless is not forever, it will take a while, but not decades.

Whatever sacrifices you choose to make, won’t be permanent.

You see, eventually, you will discover that you can really walk far, but that it also takes a long time, a good chunk of the day.

And you’ll be faced with your first big fork in the road, add extra 50 years to your life, or stay at your current job.

Remember that this is not a permanent choice, obesity is an illness, and there is an easy cure, walking.

Quitting your job is a big deal, so you will have to make walking even a bigger deal.

Above all get in the mood for narrated non-fiction books, let the great authors, help you inherit world’s wisdom.

And then, with all your training, and dedication, walk the Triple Crown.

A challenge so noble, so beautiful, that you will become angry that you didn’t quit your job sooner.

It consists of three great trail, The Appalachian Trail, The Pacific Crest Trail, and The Continental Divide Trail.

It should take you years, to finish your walk.

It should take you years, to finish inheriting wisdom from your books.

When you make the final terminus, you should consider crossing twice more.

The Triple Triple Crown is way better, than just the Triple Crown.

And by that time, you will be transformed, both in body and mind.

Your wisdom will grant you the talent, to guide, to heal, to repair, to inspire.

Having heard enough books, you will have become a writer yourself.

By growing all the way up, and having inherited the culture of greatness...

You will want to share observations and discoveries, that weren't in-you before.

Where once you might have thought your career was everything, now it may just seem like a hobby.

You see walking, won’t just fix your body, it will change your life.