The Beast End; Or, Hitting A Workout Plateau
The Beast End; Or, Hitting A Workout Plateau

Wednesday • October 11th 2023 • 10:09:19 pm

The Beast End; Or, Hitting A Workout Plateau

Wednesday • October 11th 2023 • 10:09:19 pm

To hit a workout plateau, is to notice that your body stopped changing.

It means you continue working out, but it does not do anything anymore.

Or rather the changes are so tiny, you get very discouraged.

This seems like a bad thing, but it is actually just one of our superpowers.

This is the major superpower, of endurance at play.

Your body hears the signal to adapt, in response it grows more muscles.

And as the muscles, give you the strength to handle your workout, your body starts ignoring your bellyaching again.

The body is an efficient beast, it wasn't evolved to emerge a consciousness.

It is an animistic machine, it speaks the language of the great beasts.

In our case, the great apes.

It's mechanics will only listen, to loud signals.

As you adapt, the signal caused by your workout, grows weaker.

And the beast decides, to stop listening, the moment the body can handle the workout.

See, it is a superpower, gradual adaption to handle trouble.

Now, there is some bad news.

Once you get the hang of it, your baseline workout should last 60 minutes, precisely.

Your hour long workout should be seven days a week, because an hour is nothing, at all.

60 minutes, is the workout increment as well, so when your body gets used to 60 minutes.

You add another 60 minutes, a lot of your aches will return.

But by now you will understand, poetically speaking, that this is the beast taking measurements.

You may not stop to rest, the signal must be clear.

The beast, the machine, the mechanic, will be checking, what you need, and what it can skip.

So you can't stop, especially when it hurts, you need the beast to lift your pain threshold.

The beast side of you knows not to distract you, with suffering.

And eventually, you will either hit your 120 minute plateau.

Or more likely, start cracking your teeth, and losing toenails, as in more than one at a time.

If you are lucky, to have the equipment, you'll probably hit a plateau.

But if you are like the rest of us, you will never find the right shoes.

You won't even find tag-less underwear, that won't damage your skin.

And never find the right socks, and probably work out in a gym that is insanely hot.

Hot in summer, as there is no way to cool a large gym.

And hot in winter, as the people who are just dreaming about working out, eventually.

Would get the shivers, and complain - "How dare you not heat the building in winter".

Hot means wet socks, wet socks means you will get hurt, as they lose elasticity.

This is why, as your daily workout duration increases, you have to force yourself to rest on weekends.

In summary, a plateau means that the beast heard you, and your body received an upgrade.

Now you have to add another 60 minutes, your beast is bio-mechanical.

It won't figure out that you are consciousnesses, or that you recently adapted.

And hang on to your skin, toenails, and teeth, once damage stars accumulating, you take a day or to off.

Turn your underwear inside out, as the seams are a tiny bit more forgiving.

Try to keep your feet dry, best you can do is fight for it.

You have to cut your shoe open, there is no reason why the toe box should be closed in a hot gym shoe.

Keep your mouth open, and empty, or you will crack your teeth - a mouth guard may help.

Finally to close on some good news, three ours a day, is a transformative workout.

You see new adaptation, every three days, and certainly every weekend.

You only do that for less than a year, and then after you achene your goals.

You focus on, aesthetics, which is abdominal chest, biceps and mean legs.

And then you use it, or lose it.

So you keep reminding the beast that you need all this, you keep working out.

Personal note;

I just want to add, that it is very likely that your education is fake, teachers made you hate books, convinced you are unintelligent, and sold you out for paychecks.

Humanity, has a nasty habit, like that.

You will need to listen to about 10,000 narrated books, to get at the intellectual inheritance that has been stolen from you, that is owed to you.

Wisdom is Power, and that is exacly what you need, to successfully haggle with your beast end.

So, yeah, reading or listening to books was never optional, and you were never stupid, or less then intelligent.

All the A+ students were just memorizing, and the curricula have been corrupted or even crafted precisely for that reason.

You are as creative, brilliant and capable, as all the great bindings all along.

It is just easier to force and threaten people to cram and test, in order to turn schools into paycheck and diploma mills.

Your brilliance has been taken hostage, by the men who sold the world, the teachers.

So get your mittens on those 10,000 narrated non-fiction books written by clear thinking great beings, in hopes of helping people resume where they left of.

You need them all, so that you may grow all they way up, and become a great being as well.