Towards Real Education; Or, A School Is Not A Factory
Towards Real Education; Or, A School Is Not A Factory

Tuesday • August 1st 2023 • 11:37:13 pm

Towards Real Education; Or, A School Is Not A Factory

Tuesday • August 1st 2023 • 11:37:13 pm

It is very important to understand, that when speaking about effective education, we can’t give specific subject examples.

Because, everyone has a unique combination of curiosities, and each person is at a different point in their journey to answer their questions.

Though it is safe to say, that self directed and self paced education, will, over the course of many decades, visit and revisit many fields.

The personal path of curiosities, is far superior to a force fed education.

It is also very important to notice that today, schools force students into things they are not interested in.

Forcing a student to learn things that are not connected - or not yet connected - to, in their private constellation of curiosities, is very cruel.

As it will only trick them into thinking they are not smart, and force them into memorization.

Memorization, pretending to learn, and feeling unintelligent, to a point of just blindly following directions…

Is the optimal setup, for a fraudulent teacher, aiming to sell the students out for paychecks.

Human beings can only learn in beautiful and colorful ways, former students perceive that as having an inspired teacher.

Remembering that one class, where the teacher was more like, a science popularizer, a magician, or an artist painting a fascinating picture of the whole.

Good teachers help us integrate knowledge, so that it enhances what we already know.

From a broader perspective, there is an enormous difference…

Between knowing about a machine, being able to operate it, and having a need for one while being able to build it.

Because a student can’t go to Math or Biology, or Chemistry class, get a good grade, and still don’t know how any of it works, and what it is all for.

The point of real and effective education, is gaining new abilities, and creating a new surface for a higher education, still.

Forced learning, is just irrelevant noise, it cannot create a surface sturdy enough to build upon.

Memorization and Superficial awareness of something irrelevant, is not enough to classify it as knowledge.

It is ineffective, it is non functional, it is disabled, you don’t go anywhere with it, and it has no effect on your life.

It does not change your life, for better, while enabling you to be stronger and leave a more meaningful legacy.

Self directed learning of things relevant to the student, just at a proper pace, in a school in a school that provides a safe research environment, goes a long way.

But it is still not enough, and to be clear, charging students for education at any level, is a disgrace.

To put a young person in debt, in return for knowledge, is a predatory tactic, designed for profit maximization.

A still disgraceful, but more honest variation, is to only take money from a student, while they are successful and successfully using what they learned in school.

Taking money ahead of time, is just advanced fraud.

Schools paying students for learning, is an improvement, I think the minimum wage for a student should match that of a congress person.

But, the correct approach, is to end poverty entirely, by granting all young people a universal income card, that will keep them above poverty level.

But even with effective and relevant education, after having completely erased poverty of all students - it is not enough.

The classroom it self, the actual room, needs to go, a school where everyone is put in rows and little classrooms…

Is an awful way to learn, take it outside, take it all over the word.

The changes necessary to make schools more effective carry on, there is an endless list of improvements to curricula, alone.

Someday, schools will become more humane, and eventually, they will become our greatest achievement.

After all, here is nothing more important for Humanity, than wisdom, and peace.

Today, rather than waiting for effective education, we must take to self directed, self paced, self-education.

Find a great adventure trail to start with, pack all the narrated books loved by clear thinking intellectuals.

Put an A-Team together, don’t go alone, and slowly…

While listening to world’s most profound books…