The High School Conspiracy; Or, Don’t Let Teachers Trick You Into Thinking That You Are Dumb
The High School Conspiracy; Or, Don’t Let Teachers Trick You Into Thinking That You Are Dumb

Wednesday • August 2nd 2023 • 11:15:03 pm

The High School Conspiracy; Or, Don’t Let Teachers Trick You Into Thinking That You Are Dumb

Wednesday • August 2nd 2023 • 11:15:03 pm

Above all, you still need a real education.

Without a meaningful and effective education, you are not just going to be used, but abused.

Life and Work will stress you out, that you will be force to overeat or worse, just t get through another day.

Real education, is self directed, self paced, it only touches upon your own curiosities in a perfect sequence.

And the first few years, is just about hiking and camping, and listening to thousands of powerful narrated books.

This is the modern version, of the ancient quest for knowledge and storytelling by the fire.

You need those books to catch up, to the highest of heights humanity's greatest thinkers rose to.

If you fail to internalize and comprehend you intellectual inheritance, you will be indoctrinated into a subset of reality.

Often, the culture you are being indoctrinated into is emergent, it simply self assembles out of fake education, poverty, violence, depression and drug use.

The true human culture, is deeply intellectual, it is the result of knowledge combining to create wisdom, and the resulting call to greatness.

Greatness, is just growing all the way up, I don’t have to explain to you how important that is.

Now let me show you, what you are up against, and please understand no one designed this system.

It is the result of fakers pretending until they make it, liars getting a kick from getting away with everything, and stupidity mixed with greed.

Teachers just want to get paid, they need to put food on their table, and teaching is all they got.

They will not let you stand in their way of that paycheck, they will trick you, cripple curricula, and ultimately sell your mind out.

All the while pretending to be overworked, holier than though, and that they give a damn, about you, or education, or anything else.

They are not evil, but they bargain with it, they know schools don’t work, but instead of calling for repairs, they compromise, to make them appear to work.

And; as that saying goes, in a compromise between good an evil, only evil can profit. (Rand)

Some teachers do hate you, because you make their days unnecessarily difficult.

You make them work, in an ineffective system of education, where that does not matter.

And they do call you names behind you back, Hormones, appears to be popular.

The threat of being held back is pure evil, this is not something anyone should eve tolerate.

It is a massive threat that corrupts everything, it will make students tolerate fake education, and never look back.

The grades are fake, officially to combat what they call grade inflation, but in reality they’ve been used to manipulate you and forge teacher performance.

There is nothing that can be graded in an ineffective educational system, and even if there was, no rational person would mark a person with a number.

The teachers are aware that you use the GPA to define yourself, that you see it as you level of intelligence.

But the grades are fake, 1/3 A, 1/3, B, 1/3 C, if you eve had your GPA suddenly take a dive.

That was just the school diving bleow th radar, beceuse it’s collective GPA was too high, and would create questions.

And if not that, then teachers simply copy grades from your other classes, They estimate what you are in math based on Chemistry and Physics.

Your GPA is a threat in disguise, it is used to silence you.

Force you into cramming and memorization, under the threat of you ruining your future.

Confusion, confusing tests, books, lectures, materials, all add up to forcing you to stop thinking and begin memorizing.

Cramming and memorization, is not your invention.

You’ve been forced into it, is their neatest trick, because it is a reliable and predictable way, for them to look like they are teaching.

For the duration of a test, temporary memorization, is largely indistinguishable from actual integrated knowledge.

This way they don’t actually have to teach anything, or make any sense at all.

The difficult teats that give you a feeling of accomplishment, and yet keep in you doubt, thinking that you could do better.

Are another trick, they make you feel like there is hard earned content, but in the end, it never comes together.

It is noise, that does not integrate, into your existing body of knowledge.

You can only learn and integrate new knowledge in your own sequence, and at your own pace, while you feel safety and serenity.

Being put into a concrete rat cage of classroom and rows, all neatly divided into time periods that tear whatever remains of your private curiosities to sheds….

Is not education, it is an attack on your mind, it is how delicate students fracture, it is the reason why kids in high school do drugs.

They are beaten at home, betrayed at school, and punished for the bad grades.

Teachers know that schools push students into drug use, schools tolerate it because it keeps the GPA high.

They want silence, and obedience.

So that everyone who is involved in working for the the school, gets paid.

From the lawnmower men, to creepy security guards, teachers, principals, and whatever parasites sit above.

Teachers do not care that High School, will push you into a paid school.

They don’t care that student loans are unforgivable by bankruptcy, and will be forcefully removed from your paycheck.

That some are still paying them off, well into their 60/s.

As you can imagine, graduation is meaningless, the diploma has little value.

However, former students, are taught that people without a High School diploma are inferior.

Any potential employer with throw away your application, they don’t know what education is, and that their education is fake.

They were just spoonfed, no diploma is bad employee.

The career ahead of you, will be studded with liars and pretenders.

And if you ask for too much, you will be replaced by two cheaper employees.

When your parents will try to explain to you, that all of this is just a conspiracy theory.

Ask them, if chemistry class taught them chemistry, or physics class, taught hem physics.

Ask them is they feel proud or embarrassed, that all they remember is shreds of useless formulas.

Ask them to recite, that “mitochondria is a powerhouse of the cell”, and keep a straight face.

You are going to be cheated out of education, therefore, begin your self education as soon as you can.

Begin learning programming, just a little bit, to see the difference between learning something useful and something that is noise.

And get your mittens on all of the world’s most powerful narrated books, all the ones loved by clear thinkers, intellectual, and great beings.

Take to adventure, prepare to section hike, the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental divide trails.

The trails will make room in your mind, so that you can comprehend all the books that you read and re-read.

Finally, computers are the future, learn enough about programming, so that you can manage a team of developers.

Aim to improve an existing service, get investors if necessary, and become an independent entrepreneur.