Muscles Grow In Proportion To Your Endurance
Muscles Grow In Proportion To Your Endurance

Sunday • March 10th 2024 • 12:04:53 am

Muscles Grow In Proportion To Your Endurance

Sunday • March 10th 2024 • 12:04:53 am

The perfect workout is the non stop 1980 aerobic dance, with progressively heavier dumbbells.

Your body adapts the same way joggers adapt, at first they run out of breath, but after a while rest less and less.

Until they eventually run their full route, and then some.

The reason joggers are not overly muscular, is because they don’t increase their weight, and my not eat enough.

A jogger can increase more weight by wearing a weight vest, and carrying dumbbells, if they keep doing it they will grow large.

Now if a jogger, adds too much weight, just like everyone at the gym.

Then they will not be able to run their full route, their body will choke, it will not adapt, it will end the exercise too soon.

Lifting something that is too heavy, ruins the exercise, completely.

Expect minimal muscle growth... just barely anything at all.

The huge bodybuilders, lift heavy, because, they were always heavy.

Wearing obesity as a weight west, since childhood.

Muscle isolation, or using machines, works in theory.

If you lifted light enough, only specific muscle groups would adapt.

And neither your back would ever hurt, nor would you ever get a blister.

In reality, your body is a system of muscles, and you need all of them to make everything balance out.

Moreover, machines that work only one muscle group at a time... only work one muscle group at a time.

It will take much longer, to get to what you can do, by dancing with dumbbells.

There will come a point, where you get to 12 or 15 pound dumbbells, and your back will start hurting from fatigue.

It seems that you could then switch to a machine, and keep going, but then all your balanced musculature will begin fading.

You snooze you lose, you see that in hospital patients, or people living on the space station, it only takes a few months.

Lighter weights, in the 5 to 10 pound per hand range.

Allow you to use inertia, to temporary and elastically weigh your muscles down.

Your back, will never complain about that.

It gets even more complex, because when you lift heavy, you have to stabilize yourself.

A real workout is three hours long, stabilizing muscles for extended periods will cause trouble.

Back pain, muscle spasms.

Even when you are lifting 10 pound weights, you can’t freeze your body.

You have to gently lift your foot, to gently move your hips to gently move your body.

You can’t freeze, list like I said the 1980s aerobic craze was on point.

Short of increasing weights up to 12 pounds per hand, and speeding up music, and moving into the 2 to 3 hour range, of non stop workout.

Your arms will grow too big from 12 pound weights, you won’t want to go beyond that.

What we are taught in high school, and what we see at the gym – is all a myth.

It only works if you do it for 10 or 20 years, endurance based workouts will make a fat person skinny in under a year.

Seeing the results, will make that year pleasant, and short.

Dancing or synchronizing to the beat of music, will put you in a pleasant trance, evey three hours will feel like less than 10 minutes.

Finally, dancing with dumbbells, is not swinging your arms to your a dance.

You have to carefully control the dumb bell, swinging weights also ruins the exercise.

The exercise really is just dancing with dumbbells, lift to the sides, above, in front, don’t get technical, lift wisely.

As to the dance it self, it is shuffle dance, or cutting shapes, or Melbourne shuffle.

Practicing your courage to dance, is your first challenge.

People who barely grew a muscle in 10 years, will try to tell you how to do it right.

But, you don’t have to lift anything for days or weeks, you have to practice your dance moves.

And then start with three or five pound weights, and like a jogger, aim to eliminate all your rest.

Speed up your music, extend the duration of your stay, and build a workout you can perform for the duration of your existence.

Bodybuilding really is easy, but there is no stopping, because easy come, easy go.

Don’t lift a heavy weight 5 times, lift a lightweight 15 thousand times.

Practice Courage, Dancing, Endurance, and become an athlete for a long long life.

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