Advice For Trainers
Advice For Trainers

Monday • March 11th 2024 • 1:02:16 am

Advice For Trainers

Monday • March 11th 2024 • 1:02:16 am

Endurance is the thing that joggers use, to stop stopping, and run straight through their route.

New visitors to the gym, don’t have any endurance.

And that they chose gym, over jogging…

Means, they want full body endurance, not just legs and lungs.

Full body endurance, is neither painful nor challenging.

Th end result is a body, with muscle and without fat.

To get there, you have to gradually, increase difficulty.

If you start them with lifting 10 pounds, they won’t lift for long enough to gain endurance.

As you probably figured out by now, sets and reps are a myth.

They work only a tiny bit, and only on biceps, maybe chest.

And only for a few months, certainly not for a year.

This is the slowest, and most boring exercise there is.

You, are a kind of a doctor, trickery is not allowed.

Emphasize, that all exercise, must start with lowest weight.

It is always one or more hours long, and there is no stopping.

Just like joggers, you eliminate the rest periods.

One hour for skinny people, two hours for normal, three hours for fat.

You can’t sit, our body is a system of muscles.

They all need a workout at the same time, so that they grow in harmony.

The shoulders, and back, the legs and mid section…

Must be getting a workout, at the same time that the person is working on their arms.

Isolate anything, and they will get hurt, they won’t have the needed muscles.

Before beginning exercise, teach them how to get into a dance trance.

By synchronizing their motion, to the beat of fresh songs, and avoiding distraction.

An then teach them to use, an interval timer.

And encourage them to get a cheap clip-on one, with a vibrate function.

As that will help their dance trance, they won’t have to worry about checking their watch.

This is not about interval training, that is also a gimmick.

Real training requires that you use the interval timer, to slowly eliminate all the rest periods.

So that they can work out, non stop.

Finally, the first exercise, new sign-ups must perform.

Is walking, until they can walk for a full hour, and feel they have strength for more.

Then, power walking, for several weeks, until they can power walk for a full hour.

Then, power-walking, with 3 pound dumbbells, and when their body adapts, five pound dumbbells.

And here, they can begin a mix of biceps, lifting dumbbells above head, and to the sides.

Or, Dumbbell Lateral Raise, Standing Dumbbell Curls, and Overhead Shoulder Press.

And again, with 3 or 5 pound weights, in each hand, never more, this will help their back and mid section.

Walking will get tough here, so pacing back and forth is probably best.

Once they gain the endurance to workout for an hour, and they begin moving faster and faster.

They need to start jogging with dumbbells, on their off days.

And shuffle dancing with dumbbells, when they are at the gym.

They won’t be bothered by onlookers, nor rain.

Sitting, or laying down, is only for people who are hurt.

Lifting 10 pounds per hand, for an hour straight, is dangerous, and outrageous.

But with this training, they will have the body for it.

And 12 and 15 pounds per hand, for an hour or more, is the bodybuilder territory.

If they want it, they can have it.

You have to explain this to them, to lift 10 pounds means to lift it for an hour or more, non stop.

To lift it for 30 seconds, is foolish, and does nothing.

That they are at the gym, mean they want to be healthy.

Keep them there, by teaching them the art of gradually extending endurance.

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