How To Become A Genius
How To Become A Genius

Monday • March 11th 2024 • 11:28:49 pm

How To Become A Genius

Monday • March 11th 2024 • 11:28:49 pm

Listen to all the narrated Books written by clear thinking intellectuals, and work in a field selected by your own utmost curiosities.

But before we begin, know that genius is a label, that is placed on someone, not really an aim.

And the world genius has done more bad than good, because it makes people give up on learning.

They just say, “I am not a genius, so I won’t even try” and give up.

There are two kind of genius, that must come together in a person.

The broad kind, a wise and well balanced knowledge and view of the world.

And the sharp kind, this is the area of your specialization.

I recently came across two intellectuals, who had very strong views, and good culture.

But both failed in the area of indoctrination, their view is warped, and not at all in balnce.

Another very popular intellectual, gave up a balanced view.

Out of the amount of work that went into healing, that requires a false idea.

He is well aware, that it is a false idea, but he said that he did not have a dog in that fight.

Often, it is isolation, or fear, or loneliness, not just family, or neighborhood that can warp a culture.

A balanced, and correct view of the world is critical, without it, your work will only ever take you right back to the start.

To gain a balanced view of the world, you have to inherit many of its variations for people who lived authentically.

To attempt to understand the world from scratch, would require many lifetimes.

This is what books bring you, countless many lifetimes of wisdom and greatness.

If you are curios what exactly this feels like, it is like coming to a bright new country with a brilliant culture.

And slowly begin absorbing it, through your daily interactions.

Gaining a penchant for intellectual rebellion, admiration for authenticity and personal wisdom.

Developing a desire to grow all the way up, and become a great being.

You simply become a citizen of a new world, the world of the clearest of thinkers and most powerful of intellectuals.

Narrated books written by world’s clearest thinkers, aside from making you smarter, transform your personal culture into something far greater and more coherent.

Learning from great beings is very different, from cramming and being pushed along in High School.

The education we have today is not effective, it more about obedience, job training, and freeing your from all your savings.

The idea of a perfect GPA getting you into a brand name school, is quite dishonest.

Real education demand detailed comprehension, not vague memorization, and a real career will never begin with a 4.0 GPA and a brand name diploma.

We don’t’ have schools that teach correctly yet, the Large Language Models are actually better that organized education.

They give you what teachers can’t, a personal and private educational experience.

Where you can ask simple questions that comprehension demands, without any shame, or judgment.

Today, a well balanced view of the world, can only be gained by self education, from thousands of narrated books.

And I recommended you get your triple crown as well, a real diploma and achievement.

Triple crown is hiking the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide Trails.

It also helps a great deal, if you move to multiple countries.

Your culture will become more refined, more of a super-culture of a Citizen of The World.

Lifting yourself out of the culture you were born into, and entering into culture of great beings is all you need.

But moving around the world, will help you think more clearly sooner.

As to the other side of the coin, the sharp genius.

That is not something I can not quite describe, because we each have different curiosities calling to us.

I am a mechanic and a watch maker by birth, I build things, even my art is built rather than doodled out of whimsy.

I don’t like being weighted down, I like moving swiftly – I am a programmer.

Your apex of curiosities, will likely lie elsewhere.

Perhaps, engineering new proteins, to reverse aging.

Where your day revolves around working with powerful AI, and a molecular printer that prints motor proteins and the like.

I will use programming as an example here, because I know it best.

I suspect programming is the most friendliest world of them all, here, you can expand your abilities to no end.

In the world of programming, there are no rules, or laws, and you create programs that make you more powerful.

As a programmer you are allowed to create anything, and jump as far as it suits you.

You invent your own physics, your own constants of your own universe.

Programming, is the most genius friendly field there is.

If it calls to you, you can see how something so flexible and fluid, so infinite and creative will pull you right in.

When a pursuit is one of your own, when your curiosities drive you towards it.

It never causes discomfort, just helps you along towards towards your own personal aim within it.

When such people are allowed to innovate and invent, they eventually gain that label of a genius.

The distance they travel, is a function, of their own personal curiosities.

You can see how this overpowers everyone else who is just there, because that is what their parents wanted or because they like expensive cars.

The sharp genius emerges out of your own curiosities, and the two, sharp and broad, guide each other, making each other stronger.

Finally, genius is a form of rule breaking, and rebellion.

And you need to learn, from all the rule breakers that came before you.

From Pre-Socratics to Nitzche and Rand, Feynman, Dawkins, Hithens, Sir Ken Robinson, all the worlds most precious clear thinking intellectuals.

As Newton put it, you have to stand on the shoulders of giants.

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