How To Enhance Your Design or Programming Portfolio
How To Enhance Your Design or Programming Portfolio

Sunday • December 4th 2022 • 9:23:01 pm

How To Enhance Your Design or Programming Portfolio

Sunday • December 4th 2022 • 9:23:01 pm

Whether you are learning programming, or looking to show off your design skills…

The Web Desktop may just be a good idea, and can only add to your Programming of Design Portfolio.

If you are struggling to get some colorful projects into your portfolio, then you just may be able to feature apps that you made for your desktop.

There is nothing demanding, about the Window and Desktop design pattern.

At the base, it does relay heavily on Drag and Drop, for resizing, position, and possibly panning the desktop…

But Drag and Drop is a wonderful teacher, of code organization.

Your mousedown and mousemove events, have to share some information.

Mostly old position of cursor, for drag and drop, and whether DnD was enabled by mouse down.

You can share some state, or an instance of an object, down a functional programming pipe.

And it is all very simple, even when you involve your own hit areas and bounding boxes.

It is less than hundred lines of code, to get everything moving.

There are practical applications, behind every corner here.

You can turn it into a little side project, by offering other people their own accounts.

You can even create a drag and drop, app builder, and a matching app store.

Follow a simple functional programming pastern, give your users an Automator UI like experience.

And let them share, sell and program their own, Automator-like actions.

Here the UI designer can just focus on single column Uis, that not only look neat on a desktop…

But also easily adapt, to a mobile UI.

Let the desktop be a large screen interface, and present those who access it on mobile…

With a mobile version, where the UI is little more that a desktop full of buttons.

That open the single column applications, full screen on mobile.

People interested in hiring true talent, want to see large and complete things.

They want to see things that work, and having a lightweight little Desktop…

To which you can add more and more little apps, can quickly become pretty impressive.

The real benefit of such a little invention, is in all the programming practice…

And daydreams, of taking it to the next level.

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