A Strange Way To Fix Education; Or, Teaching With Programming

Monday • December 5th 2022 • 10:46:00 pm

A Strange Way To Fix Education; Or, Teaching With Programming

Monday • December 5th 2022 • 10:46:00 pm

Let us suppose for a moment, that all academic teachers are charlatans.

Let us grant them, that it is neither their nature, nor nurture that makes it so.

They are in fact the victims, of their own fake teachers.

It is a loop, fake teachers beget fake teachers.

Despite, the real effort they put in.

Despite the the work, that was made hard…

To create a sense of achievement, in what is otherwise ineffective education.

In the context of the real world. they are utterly uneducated.

But teachers do pretty well, in context of academia.

Here they can spread, their ineffective knowledge, for coin.

We shouldn't blame them though, as there is another loop at play here.

Their own teachers, cursed them into poverty.

So they have no choice, but to sell the students out,

To put food on their table, after all they don’t have a real education.

Unfortunately, selling out the students, for paychecks.

Comes at the price, of forcing them into poverty.

These loops being so miserable, and so intent on self propagation.

We should consider, that they cannot be undone.

So, let us try find something better than a teacher. And to achieve that we have to, unravel grades.

Grades are completely made up, they are there to doctor school records.

Teachers copy grades, from one subject to another.

Deans and principals ensure, that nothing looks out of the ordinary.

All for the purpose, of everyone getting paid.

Computer Programming, can replace both teachers and grades.

It replaces grades, by enabling a group of co-founders to form a startup.

It replaces the teachers, by preventing students from advancing without understanding.

And tackles the school subjects, in the most unusual way.

To take biology and the human body as example, programs abstract all of the complex body functions.

And in order for students to pass biology, they have to correctly write a series of programs.

That perform requested tasks, from making a program that represents a human, breathe.

All the way out to correctly simulating hormones, and their effect on the body.

Or creating neural networks, or simulating vision.

A more common example, is that of orbital dynamics.

Here the students interface with programs, that represent the solar system.

To pass the orbital dynamics class, students have to simulate the solar system.

Including launching satellites, or delivering a lunar lander to the moon.

I am purposefully, giving complex examples.

It is to show how far, programming…

As an interface to human knowledge, can drive the student forward.

A simpler example, is learning geometry.

By programming pixels, in the correct place on the screen.

Here the advanced classes, would have the students program animations or screensavers.

Bottom line is this, a student cannot progress.

Without learning the subject, those who are unable to put a satellite in orbit.

Have to continue studying, and improving their program.

Those who give up, find programs that they are interested enough in, to pass.

Graduation, is about using, all the authentic knowledge gained this way.

To create automated, computerized, businesses.

When a business fail, the student can return as a graduate in need of a re-launch.

The funding for the entire system, comes from taking a small percent.

From all the startups, launched or accelerated with aid of these schools.