Rise, Do Not Worry That Schools Are Broken

Tuesday • December 6th 2022 • 11:09:38 pm

Rise, Do Not Worry That Schools Are Broken

Tuesday • December 6th 2022 • 11:09:38 pm

Knowledge is infinitely more important, than any standardized thing we can create.

Putting one teacher, in front of multiple students, never worked. Never will, it can’t.

It confuses the teacher, even, they think grades can motivate you.

While, there are so many problems with grades, that just shows the teacher, can’t think.

There is more here, that is scary, because if you spend your entire life, fixing schools…

And actually create perfect schools, self directed, with students tutoring each other.

And replace grades with money bonuses, real schools actually pay students.

The money is an investment, in the future of the world…

These perfect an beautiful schools, are vulnerable to manipulation.

Be it dictators, or liars, or greedy politicians.

Or vile creatures, that control what a person can self direct to.

Your lifetime of dedication, of incredible achievement.

Can be turned against people, that you so deeply cared about.

The thing that makes it vulnerable, is standardization and centralization.

The things that makes it work, is raising the level of education around the world.

Not to trivialize it, but this is a chicken and egg problem, as in what came first.

And the solution is to gradually, increase levels of real education…

By encouraging students, to self education.

Here the crazed teachers, that misunderstood the meaning of real education.

Because they never got any, in the first place - they also have fake education.

Will laugh, and say, my students are too stupid to learn.

Teachers call you Hormones, behind your back.

They don’t understand that forcing you, into something that is irrelevant, and uninteresting…

Is not an education, but fraud.

In as far as they think about it, they think passing tests is proof of your education.

But if they thought about it for real, they’d see that they are just lying to themselves.

They’ve created a fantasy, to get through the day and put food on their table.

There is one more thing, the history of Human Kind shows time and again,

What we can be raised, in a warped reality.

We are vulnerable to indoctrination, we all too easily accept what adults are saying.

It is probably an evolutionary trait, all the people that didn’t have this trait.

Went of to test if lions, hippos, snakes and warring tribes, really are as bad, as bad, as the elders are saying.

The people who listen to their elders, were selected for by Evolution, the others didn’t not live long enough.

We are children of the starts, we are each meant to become a great being.

Jut imagine speaking with your elder self, ask them what their regrets are.

I think you will find, that they are saying, that you need to accept the responsibility for your won education.

Because counting on someone else to magically teach you, is madness, possibly the most dangerous idea.

I think they will also ask you, to learn something that adds to it self, and enables you.

And I think that is Programming, it is a language with which you construction and control machines.

Programming is the future, not just computers.

Finally, the greatest thing you can do, is go to the library and get free narrated books.

Listen to all the books, that are held in high esteem, by all the intellectuals.

No single book, will bring you all the answers, but your first thousand, will help you rise.

The books will help you start growing all the way up, until you become a great being.


If you have been tricked into thinking, you are not smart, which is a way of making you convenient.

Accept the following as proof, that the genius within you, needs by awakening.

Find a cheap wall projector, project your selfie, and begin learning about color, mixing, and displaying your art.

Just like you can become an artist, you can become a programmer, philosopher, and a Great Bings.

Awaken, your genius.