Answers Are Found In The Quest For Greatness, Not In The Search For Meaning
Answers Are Found In The Quest For Greatness, Not In The Search For Meaning

Wednesday • July 19th 2023 • 11:47:48 pm

Answers Are Found In The Quest For Greatness, Not In The Search For Meaning

Wednesday • July 19th 2023 • 11:47:48 pm

Remember that, unfortunately, the victors rewrite history, and that historians are not immune to paving those roads with good intentions.

Asking about meaning, is more like driving meaning into something, and it is likely that it was far too complex at the time, for us to grasp now.

But you do get a better view, when you set off on a pleasant and interesting quest for greatness, you become more focused on independently building your self up - and thus wiser.

The first few steps are funny, and may even lead you into a loop.

But with the aid of non-fiction books, written by modern, clear thinking, great beings - you will learn.

I think the first big lesson, is to solve your contradictions.

Systems of indoctrinations, want you to take things on faith, and avoid exactly that.

When I was little, my first contradiction was bullies in school, and I solved it by realizing that schools were fake, and that nobody cared.

Here, I begun learning on my own, computers first, to fight poverty, and philosophy second, because how can you not love wisdom.

Strange things and fraud, are quite common, and you don't have to look to the murky corners to find them.

Seemingly normal people, may take out unforgivable college loans, that they will be paying off well into their 60s.

Failure to pay, means that payment will be, forcefully, by law, extracted from their paychecks.

Unknown to them, colleges manipulate grades.

1/3 A, 1/3 B, 1/3 C, to fight what they call grade inflation.

And the classes or subject divisions, are based around selling an impression of education.

They are forced to cram for tests, by incomprehensible curricula, and memorization is not comprehension.

There are currently some hard working politicians, who had their brains quite literally blown by X-Files, so hard…

That they are looking to uncover secret alien tech that has been well hidden, deep in the annals of the government.

In short, these otherwise very intelligent, and likely pleasant be around individuals, got stuck.

The poor college kid, would get stuck, because go to college, was all they heard, when they were growing up.

But that was also heard by lairs, cheaters, hustlers, and people who want to watch the world burn, because they hate Mondays.

The UFO researcher politician, is clearly what happens when you get a fake education.

It is more likely that if there was anything all, it was just plain old fraud… that it was staged like the moon landing!

Haha, I am kitting, the moon landing is real, but what you might not have realized...

Is that putting a human on the moon, was a fantastically convenient way to improve technologies used by the military.

And one example of indoctrination, that has us all...

Is thinking that we don’t have to take care of each other, to eliminate war decades ahead in time.

But that instead war is something we can do, is we must.

No soldier should ever suffer what happens in war, war is not for human beings.

That old joke where we only send the politicians to fight it out, is not such a bad idea.

Especially is you consider, how jacked would our politicians need to become, move over wrestling, we got some awesome men nuking it out in the ring, Grr.

You can see how out scientists would be hard at work developing, advanced super hero armor.

And how that research would trickle down, and completely redefine fashion.

No more tying your shoes for one, and no need for a car, everyone takes their flying armor suit to work.

Point is, we cal all agree, that war should be illegal, and it is a contradiction that we tolerate it.

Finally, do not attempt to try to understand the world, because it is riddled by mistakes.

Instead step out of your culture, seek out great beings, and grow, and grow all the way, until you too become great.

The knowledge in books, especially the narrated books at the library, is your intellectual inheritance.

It was stored in books for you, for us all, use it to build yourself up, so that you can see better.

And if you still need a reason to become wiser, then do it for your older self, so that you don’t have any regrets in life.

If you have trouble understanding, and weaving thoughts, that is just stress, that means you need to learn how to go camping - and become an adventurer.