Self Education And Life Changing Narrated Non-Fiction Books At The Library
Self Education And Life Changing Narrated Non-Fiction Books At The Library

Tuesday • July 18th 2023 • 11:17:27 pm

Self Education And Life Changing Narrated Non-Fiction Books At The Library

Tuesday • July 18th 2023 • 11:17:27 pm

There will always be forces, all around the word, hoping to keep education broken.

Oh Hoping to destroy it entirely, to make people into simple and scared.

And pointing that out, will always sound like a conspiracy theory, that will be all too easily taken down by lairs.

And anyway, no one will think ineffective education, will happen to them, until it is too late.

Liars will always infiltrate the most powerful of positions, out-competing a honest person is likely to be completely effortless.

There is an ongoing double whammy where fake tracers, replace education with memorization, for the purpose of a paycheck.

And then to make it easier call to cancel entire areas of study, so that they don’t even need to put effort into their lies.

Canceling a class that has already been corrupted into memorization, under the guise of fairness, has got to be one of the greatest insult.

We have known for ages that schools were not teaching right, and may of us noticed that students are being forced into memorization.

Because on paper, and for the short the duration of the state test or final, knowledge does seem indistinguishable from memorized unintegrated trash.

They will keep coming, the stupid monsters can smell that education prevents war, and war, along with all its tragedies and chaos, is their way to infinite fortunes.

Those who can’t built a wise economy, can only only jolt the trashy one, with constant threat, endlessness conflict, and infinitely prolonged war.

But self education by listening to books held in high esteem by wide beings, on a tiny, portable, undetectable mp3 player that may cost less than a dollar…

Especially when taking to great adventures, and relaxing quests, sleeping under the sky, studying nature…

Will move education from failing institutions, that probably never even worked, into our hearts, where books can’t be stolen, or burned – only understood.

Schools are extremely important, when they are effective, and it is extremely foolish, to expect children to learn from ineffective education.

All their decisions, are made, based on what they know, and schools aren’t even teaching them for real.

They are just teaching what is easy to memorize and test, what looks good on state tests that their funding depends on.

It is also a grave mistake, and should be an unforgivable insult, to send the children as brilliant and unique as the stars...

Into standardized educational processing environments, where monsters hone their skills by bullying…

And the students are threatened by being held back an entire year, or by cruel and persistent ridicule.

No child, should ever say;

“I forgive you for having sent me, into ineffective education, where I was pressured into lying, violence, alcohol, drugs, and pretending to learn.”

Real knowledge, is integrated knowledge, it is knowledge that is immediate functional outside of the classroom.

It is not about forcing the understanding of a concept like sine/cosine, or the electronic circuit, or some internet protocol.

It is about helping students program animation that will visualize, all the functions, letting them reinvent trigonometry.

It is about placing a coin cell, a magnet, and an LED in the palm of their hand, and inviting them to understand the universe.

It is about, installing a blank cross-browser web extension into their browser, and saying, this is where we can make internet truly yours.

It is about showing new things that they were tricked away from, like Music Composition or Painting.

And above all, it is about addressing our other great failure, as we can’t hope to fix education, without fixing poverty at the same time.

Poverty greatly reduces the likelihood that a student will be able to find serenity, and a profound real education that changes lives, is unlikely without serenity.

We can’t afford, to gamble with education.

That we have not received effective education when we went to school, Should be reason enough...

To help your children build a small laboratory, and take them on as many stress free, outdoor adventures, as their serenity demands.

Unlike the liars, I will not tell you which books you must get, but know they are no fiction and written by a class of great beings termed Science Popularizes.

They are out best teachers, maybe our only teachers.

I urge you, to help your children grow up around great beings.

We have failed to build effective educational institutions, we have sent them into a perversion of education, using it as a babysitter.

They will soon be tasked with helping their students learn, give them a fighting chance.

Help them, grow up around great beings.